We Are Different

See how we are different and why we can assure you our training works!

If you are like many of our clients, you may have already tried training that was somewhat helpful with a few of your goals but your dog still has some unwanted behaviors. You have probably already noticed we are not like other trainers and here are some reasons why.

Reason #1:
We don’t just train dogs, we speak their language.  We understand the way dogs think, and we teach your dog to be well mannered in a way that works according to how dogs understand the world around them.  We also teach you everything you need to know about why your dogs do certain things, and how you can effectively make sure they understand what you want from them. Doing this helps us not only teach commands, but also resolve behavior problems at the root causes.

Reason #2:
We teach your dog AND YOU.  You need to know how to maintain the training, so we teach you everything you need to know during your lessons and ongoing support.

Reason #3:
Training Methods and Education.  We have been thoroughly trained with a variety of tools and methods and do not limit ourselves to a particular style of training. We realize some dogs cannot settle down to learn a thing if they know we have a treat, while for others that might be just the small reward they need for a job well done. We attend workshops and are extremely active with other dog trainers to constantly expand our knowledge and perspective.

Reason #4:
We understand no two dogs, or two families, are alike.  We take great pride in listening and understanding the goals of each family. Although we offer predesigned programs because our experience tells us what will make your dog most successful, we evaluate each dog individually throughout the learning process and tailor each lesson to his needs and the goals of the family. We can tailor any program to work for you.

Reason #5:
We like people too!  We are family friendly, fun, flexible, and easy to get along with!  We got into dog training so we could share what we know about dogs and help people have happier lives.

Reason #6:
This is all we do and we do it passionately.  We are not part-time dog trainers.  This is part of our everyday life, all day every day.  Many dog training facilities do training as an “additional service”.  Their primary business might be daycare, boarding or grooming, but they have a training program or class in addition.  In that situation, it is very difficult to give a training program the attention it needs to make sure it works properly for every family.