Training Walks

Your Dog Walks with Us Once a Week and He Won’t ‘Walk You’ the Other Six Days

We will pick up your dog at your home, drive to our walk location, and walk 4 to 6 dogs on leashes for approximately 45 minutes. This will be a structured walk, which means the dogs will pay attention and walk beside the human, on loose leashes, no darting ahead, no barking, no monkey business. Don’t worry, we teach them how, but it is no problem for most dogs, as they will fall in line with the other well-behaved members of the group. Dogs use peer pressure for good!

We will meet with you after your dog’s first training walk and show you the basics of our system so you can implement structure into your own walks. We also practice good manners coming in and out of the house and car so, as a bonus, you may notice your dog has picked up some new habits.

Training walks are only offered once a week, as we are busy training dogs most days. Your dog will enjoy this as an additional activity and you will enjoy his improved walking manners. He will come home tired because it takes lots of mental energy to pay attention, and practice self-control, much more than it does to drag someone down the street.

Call 617-513-8826 or email today to chat about enrolling your dog in this program.