And You Can Too


testimonial 1
Beth & John J.

I reached out to Anne when we adopted a rescue Lab mix last fall. We had learned with our first Lab puppy that early training is essential for everyone’s happiness.

Callie was a bit of a challenge as she was a little mischievous. Anne showed us very quickly that, without raising our voices, we could teach Callie appropriate behavior. After the first lesson, we were able to walk her and feed her the way we wanted it (that is, without her jumping on top of us). She actually learned to sit and wait until we placed her food down and gave her a signal.

By the fourth lesson, Callie was much more obedient and fun to be around.

Anne taught us a lot as well. We had to change our attitudes about what Callie can and cannot do. She really empowered us to feel more confident about expecting Callie to act in a way that worked best for our whole family.

Anne is a dog genius. I would recommend her highly.

testimonial 2
Pat C.

Anne had complete command of my dog, Teddy, from the moment he approached her. Without saying a word she was able to communicate her expectations to him and he followed her lead without question. She showed me how to stop “barking” commands at him and start communicating with body posture, firmness and very little talking. She really does “speak dog”!

testimonial 3
Rosanne F.

My name is Rosanne Frazar and I have a 3-year-old female Golden Retriever named Lucy. I met Anne walking my dog in the town forest of Duxbury, Lucy was pretty good off leash but I never really trusted her completely. Anne suggested e-collar training, we worked together and within one day Lucy was behaving and coming much better when called. We also own a home in Vermont and this past weekend we used the e-collar and Lucy was great. Anne was very patient with Lucy, as Lucy tends to take her time in making her mind up but with the training she responds much better. I feel more confident in her and will use the collar as it gives an extra source of control. Thanks Anne!!

testimonial 4
Jeannie E.

In the interest of full disclosure, Anne Bullinger is one of my best friends who has known my 13-year-old dog Sadie since she was eight weeks old. Anne watched Sadie, who is a typical Westie princess for two weeks while I had a family emergency. Prior to Anne’s special training time with Sadie she was as clingy as lint, followed me everywhere and was so underfoot that I was greatly paranoid that I would trip on her and injure both of us. This morning, as I prepared Sadie’s food, she patiently waited for her bowl sitting on her dog bed. She hopped right on it as if to say, “Look what I can do now!” I walked with her, which was usually a game of taking her for a drag, and it was easy, pleasant and at a steady clip. This is what Anne can accomplish without really even trying to train a dog. She brought calm back to Sadie and in turn, eased my life as well as it is difficult to watch our beloved pets stressed. I highly recommend Anne’s services as she has a gentle and compassionate demeanor with a dog but they immediately seem to sense she is lovingly in charge and respond quickly and accordingly.