How the I Speak Dog programs work

Unlike some trainers, we don’t want you to come back again and again– at least not for additional training!! Just pick one of our programs, which include everything you need to reach your goals, and that is the only dog training program you will need for the rest of your dog’s life. This is truly an investment, and you won’t need to worry about doing program after program to reach your goals.


We can help you select the program that is right for your family

When we speak with you we can explain the differences and you can decide the program that is perfect for your situation. All of our programs involve TEACHING YOU everything we teach your dog so you can seamlessly maintain your dog’s new behavior for the rest of his life. The biggest differences among the programs are how long your dog spends with us, and where our lessons are held.


No matter which program you choose, we will resolve your dog’s unwanted behaviors such as:

Pulling on the leash, jumping, not coming, food aggression, dog aggression, counter surfing, rushing the door, excessive barking and other unnecessary and annoying behaviors will be resolved.


These are some of the commands we will teach your dog.  Once your dog knows these commands you can tell him what you would like him to do instead of yelling, “No! Don’t! Stop!”

• Heel ~ walking nicely by your side, at your pace, sitting when you come to a stop, not pulling you 

• Down/Stay ~ you don’t even have to say “stay”. Once you give the Down command your dog stays until she is released, even with distractions!

• Place ~ your dog lays in a location of your choice, relaxing, until you say otherwise, even if the doorbell rings!

• Come ~ you guessed it, he will actually come when called!

• Sit/Stay ~ say “Sit” and your dog will stay until she is released.

• Crate ~ your dog will learn to enter and exit the crate calmly and quietly enjoy his time inside.

• Wait for Food ~ you put the food down but she does not even touch it until you say she can.

• Wait at Thresholds (doors, car, crate) ~ an open door is not an invitation! Your dog will learn to wait for permission to enter or exit your house, car, his crate and other doors.



Most importantly, our programs work!  They include everything you need, and you will never need another dog training program in the life of your dog.  

Programs can be customized so just ask if you have a special request, need a certain behavior resolved or have a unique situation.





We can start working with your puppy at any time, even helping you before you bring him home.  Just pick a program and we will happily customize the lessons to meet your puppy’s needs.   Do not wait for your puppy to “grow out of” biting, jumping, and other annoying behaviors.


Dog Essentials


This program will give you all the essentials you need for a well-behaved dog you can be proud of, even around distractions! You will notice a huge difference in your dog in the first session. This program is for the family who wants to take a more active role in their dog’s training and has the time for daily homework between the sessions.


~ 2 90-Minute Private Lessons in Your Home

~ 2 One-Hour Private Lessons in Your Home



Dog Makeover



Do you want to have your dog’s behavior madeover, but feel you need a jumpstart? We do the hardest work for you by taking your dog for a full day to get started on her transformation. We pick up your dog for the day and you will be amazed at the improvement when we return that afternoon and begin to teach you how to maintain the training. We return three more times for additional lessons in your home.

~ 1 Day Training with us – all transportation provided

~ 4 One-Hour Private Lessons in Your Home

* Additional days can be added for dogs with excessive behaviors



‘The Walk Doctor’ Mini-Program



Is walking your dog a nightmare? Do you dread having your dog pull you down the street? It does not have to be that way!

If walking your dog is anything but a pleasurable experience, don’t waste another day being frustrated. Many owners are under the impression that it takes weeks or months to train a dog to walk politely, but we can create amazing results in just two lessons. And don’t worry – your dog will not be the worst walker we have ever seen!


~ 2 Private Lessons at Public Place or Park

 * The Walk Doctor mini-program is the exception to our rule of “this is the only dog training program you will need for the rest of your dog’s life”.  You will see improvement in other behaviors, not just leash walking, as soon as your dog begins The Walk Doctor mini-program, but because it is our shortest and most focused program you should not expect the comprehensive results you will see with all our other programs.  If you invest in The Walk Doctor mini-program and wish to continue training we will tailor a package for you.   



Please Note Travel Charge:  Client visits further than 10 miles from our address in Duxbury will incur a travel fee of $1.50 per mile for excess miles traveled.


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